Wallpaper. has the summer hit of the year with “RRiR”

From the band's Facebook page

From the band’s Facebook page

Oakland based Wallpaper’s new album “Ricky Reed is Real” dropped yesterday (on frontman Ricky Reed’s birthday) and if this isn’t the album that makes this genre-defying act a household name, then I just don’t know what. (Well, houses that like super fun chopped and screwed party pop music, at least.)

Wallpaper, which also features “The Public Access Show” star Arjun Singh, are out rocking America on the Van’s Warped Tour. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.

I can’t embed the epic title track but here is the ballad “Good 4 It” (explicit lyrics warning):

UPDATE: Found an embeddable player. Consider making “RRiR” your official summer jam:


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