Easyriders show their Sacramento

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Easyriders visit Sacramento, this is where they can park.

The sign does have a nice border around it though.

The Easyriders® Bike Show Tour rolled into Sacramento this past weekend. I was out of town, but reader Michelle sent in this photo of one of the “at least 50 signs” letting folks know where they could park their rides.

Thanks, Michelle!

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One Response to Easyriders show their Sacramento

  1. Turty_squip says:

    Things NOT heard in Sacramento this past weekend:

    The chirp of birds
    The sloosh of the American/Sacramento rivers
    Geese, 400 feet overhead
    Everything else;

    Things heard in Sacramento this past weekend:


    What a bunch of fags. [Oh, go grow up in the 1980s, and watch a South Park episode] If the Harley riders don’t clean up their act, the citizenry will do it for them. And I, for one, will not convict when they do it with a cable strung across the street at motorcycle-neck level between two trees. In fact, I’ll vote for an award. Maybe the Key to the city.