Explosively Fun Art Show this Saturday

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Looking for the best of Second Saturday? The coolest party will be at The Urban Hive, 1931 H Street, from 6 to 9 pm, where the talented, outrageous and funny artist Jose Di Gregorio will be joined by musician and visual artist Neil Haydon playing acoustic folk songs.

Di Gregorio, born in Puerto Rico and raised in California, graduated from Herron School of Art and Design in 2006 and currently serves on the Board of Directors at Verge Center for the Arts, where he is also an artist in residence. If you’re familiar with Verge, it’s a local hub for the area’s most talented contemporary artists. Di Gregorio’s residency there, in addition to his outstanding artworks, speaks volumes about his credibility as an artist. His exhibit Saturday will feature 15 mid- to large-scale drip paintings on wood and paper.

Plus, it’s going to be fun. Di Gregorio is not only a painter; he’s also a performance artist. Known for over-the-top karaoke performances and doing cannon balls into pools at fancy affairs where everyone else is dressed in suits (I know; I was there), Di Gregorio entertains. The magnitude of his creativity explodes onto his paintings and into his everyday life with joyful fervor.

Don’t miss the excitement!

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2 Responses to Explosively Fun Art Show this Saturday

  1. Joe Palumni says:

    I missed this event :( When there will be another concert?

  2. He’s really a great artist, I hope I can see again some other performances like this one!