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Dedeveloping K Street and the Railyards?

Sacramento’s quest to revive downtown K Street and develop its northerly neighboring railyards may be facing a setback suddenly, now that millions in redevelopment money is at risk. The Bee published a collage of reactions yesterday from developers and city officials commenting on last week’s Supreme Court ruling that eliminates redevelopment and, possibly, subsidies that… Read more »

How the “Other” half of the other half lives

What with all the talk at Cesar Chavez Park and around the nation about the “1%,” the Bee yesterday provided a closer look at those wealthy one-percenters living in our own backyard. Looking at a breakdown of the industries the 1% works in, the first question that jumps to my mind is what’s “Other,” where… Read more »

Sampino’s Towne Foods: Welcome home

One of my recent favorites is Sampino’s Towne Foods, a wonderful and quirky Italian deli and gourmet meat market on 16th and F Street. I may have never noticed it, tucked away next to 16th Street Donuts. What I really like about Sampino’s comes down to two things. First, of course, is the quality of… Read more »

I-80, your tyranny is over

For years, North Natomans who worked just 3 miles from home started each day with an exhaust-spewing surrender to tyranny. That tyrant was I-80, which blockades our northern suburbanites from a tantalizingly close downtown destination – because even on a clear, warm day, these oppressed commuters had no choice but to pile in their cars and slog… Read more »

Went big at Sam’s

One of the thrills of blogging is extending the bounties of a life-changing discovery to countless readers. It’s that thrill that I resume with my describing Sam’s Hof Brau and my adventures there. Sam’s Hof Brau is a “time out” from the judging eyes of society’s nutritionists and vegans. It’s a place that people visit for only one… Read more »

School’s Out

Almost every one of California’s 120 legislators left town last month, and last week Gov. Brown finished his solemn task of cleaning up the mess they left. I wish I could say it was this year’s rambunctious Legislature that kept me from posting on Sac Rag for the last five months. It definitely is on the… Read more »

River Cats History

I missed my chance to witness Sacramento history Saturday night, when the River Cats played the longest game in River Cats history - 16 innings to break a stalemate, well past midnight, to defeat Oklahoma City’s Redhawks. After enjoying a good 9 innings, and sitting through an additional 5, my crew and I finally succumbed to dropping temperatures, high winds, and Dinger… Read more »

Wonks: The Next Generation

Today Sacramento State is hosting a commencement ceremony for this year’s graduates of the Master’s Program in Public Policy and Administration. I finished this program a few years ago and still consider it one of the best investments I’ve ever made. If you work in the public sector, or in the political or nonprofit arenas,… Read more »

Shady Lady on Hiatus

Maybe the R strip’s most beloved watering hole, the Shady Lady Saloon, will be closed until May 19. Apparently a technical slip up in Shady’s reporting to Alcoholic Beverage Control landed the bar a 10-day suspension of its alcohol license. Shady Lady is a fantastic bar. The decor drips 1920s speakeasy. The front patio has… Read more »

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

So about two years ago I was appointed to Sacramento’s Housing and Redevelopment Commission. Twice a month, yours truly and ten other wonks meet to provide input and vote on what the city’s and county’s redevelopers want to do with public money. Meetings are open to the public, but I can count on my own ten… Read more »

More Than Just Hot Dogs

OK, next up on the Big Eight is Capitol Dawg on Capitol and 20th Streets. That’s right, I’m listing what is basically a hot dog stand in my top eight favorite bars in Sacramento. Why would I do that? Well besides offering a smorgasbord of ‘specialty’ dogs and like fodder, Capitol Dawg also offers you… Read more »

Railyard Recycled

So here’s a new (-ish) video about the Sacramento Railyards project. The Center for Creative Land Recycling is one of many partners – public, private and nonprofit – trying to redevelop Sacramento’s historic (and historically blighted) former Union Pacific railyard. 240 acres of abandoned railyard has been spooning the north-west corner of downtown Sacramento for years. City… Read more »

Fairweather Fan at Streets of London

photo credit: rad(ish)labs I stopped by Streets of London for a drink yesterday and decided its still too early for Streets of London. Streets is a proud member of the Big Eight, Summer Edition. Why? Because it’s a great pub and most of its plaudits are earned in its outside area. Between the outside foosball… Read more »

Geeks of the Underground

I recently dragged the wifey to a new history geek attraction: Old Sacramento Underground Tours. Turns out, beneath those kitsch saloons and taffy vendors we know today as Old Sacramento, there are a bunch of underground tunnels where the streets used to be before landowners used screw jacks to literally raise the city in the… Read more »

Westfield Downtown Mall: Not as Bleak as You Remember It

Sacramento’s downtown mall has struggled the last five or six years. Maybe the toughest blow came when Hard Rock Cafe closed and the giant plastic guitar came down. I still snuck over there yesterday for quick shopping for a birthday gift, because, well, it’s downtown and that’s convenient if you work downtown. It’s actually not… Read more »