Sacramento added to Google Offers

Google Offers comes to Sacramento

How did they get that cool car in the restaurant?

The maybe-late-to-the-game-but-sure-to-dominate-the-market-eventually Google Offers program added Sacramento today along with Detroit, Indianapolis, Ft. Worth, Long Beach, and St. Louis.

The first deal in Sacramento?

Sacramento: $5 for $15 of burgers, sandwiches, salads and more at Hamburger Patties
The days of ’50s diners may be long gone, but you can still get a great burger, fries and shake in Sacramento at Hamburger Patties. With 18 different burger offerings, 16 sandwiches, weekend brunch, a separate menu for vegetarians and mighty meal choices for kids, Hamburger Patties is a go-to spot for River City residents.

I’ll see what kind of offers I receive, but I did enjoy the “Look inside” (360-degree view) feature which is something Google has going for it, I am sure.


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