Urban Sacramento 1959: West End

This is so awesome, a must watch for fans of the 916. Redevelopment is clearly not a new issue facing our city. Stan Atkinson in the house!

This film spotlights a controversial piece of Sacramento history– a specific period of redevelopment, during the Fall of 1959, as city officials, community leaders and state agencies were deciding how to redevelop a large portion of Sacramento’s central city known as the West End– considered to be among the largest slum areas in California. Most of the film footage and interviews comes from a documentary on urban renewal that aired on KCRA 54 years ago. The original program was produced and reported by Stan Atkinson. This segment written/narrated by Chris Lango. Edited by SteveDavisProduction.com



Awesome find! I love the segments where they are holding the mic.


Interesting to see that the application of Federal money to solve distinctly local issues was as misguided in 1959 as it is in 2013.

Scott Hackman

They really shouldn’t have put I80 elevated between downtown and the waterfront! We were too in love with the “new” freeway system back in the 50s to be blinded by how it cut the city in half.

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