McKinley Park Playground rebuild begins

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from the City of Sacramento web site

The bad news over the weekend of an arsonist (allegedly) destroying the playground at McKinley park is giving way to hopeful news of fundraising already beginning on a replacement. City Council member Steve Cohn has established a charity fund, and Sac Press’s Melissa Corker has details on how you can help contribute.

Fox40 reports that because of regulations introduced since 1994 when the destroyed structure was built, the new construction cannot be real wood!

I distinctly remember the green-painted wood playground as it was before 1994 and the one thing that stands out is the section of sewer pipe used for a tunnel. Now that was classy. The structure that was just destroyed was pretty amazing, and I’m sure that the new playground will equal or surpass it even if it has to be made of synthetic materials. I was going to drop some “Dark Knight Rises” jokes in here but I decided it would be too spoiler-y.

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2 Responses to McKinley Park Playground rebuild begins

  1. Moe Hong says:

    Some of the synthetic materials are horrible – the Trex used at Southside Park gets so hot that it burns kids, and you can’t get graffiti off of it.

  2. RonTopofit says:

    There will be a “Run for the Playground” fun run on September 8, 2012 starting at McKinley Park.