Fresh food from ‘Farm to Fork’

Congratulations! Sacramento is now America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital!

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2 Responses to Fresh food from ‘Farm to Fork’

  1. RonTopofIt says:

    “This is one of the cool things in Sacramento,” the mayor said. “Everyone is always talking about what’s wrong with Sacramento, but this is the best of Sacramento. We are learning to play to our strengths.”

    Everyone, eh? Yikes.

  2. cogmeyer says:

    The logo is eerily reminscent of those “Sacramento, I Dig It!” T-shirts circa 1988 (with Dorothy Puente holding a shovel with body parts and social security checks scattered around the background).

    My friend Alan used to sell those shirts on side from behind the Wienstock’s men’s counter. Ah the good ol’ days in Sacramento!