Wahoo’s Fish Tacos to open next week

According to Cowtown Eats, which I have been remiss in not re-blogging more often since they give us so much traffic on Twitter, the venerable So Cal chain Wahoo’s Fish Tacos is planning to open in Sacto a week from today.

During the Handle District’s annual Bastille Day Waiter Race on Sunday, they had employees handing out coupons for free entrees. One of their employees freely shared the info.

They also invited me inside to take a look. The space is still unfinished, with at least several days worth of work left on the interior. If I had to guess, even if they open on the 21st, it’ll be several weeks before they get all they move from the “soft launch” phase to the “well-oiled machine” phase.

The location is on L street at 18th–Cowtown says 1818 but Wahoos.com says 1820, but I’m sure there will be fish imagery to lead you to the right place. This just kind of makes me long for Pescado’s though, and that insane salsa they used to make, which I have never seen prepared exactly as well anywhere else.

Link: Cowtown Eats

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2 Responses to Wahoo’s Fish Tacos to open next week

  1. ganeeban says:

    Save your time and go to Cafe Caprichio OR anywhere else for that matter. To be fair, I haven’t given the Sac location a try (which I might just to say I tried it) – but if it’s anything like their SD location (which I ate at about a month ago) then don’t waste your time! So many better local options…

  2. CoolDMZ says:

    Thanks for the comment! You’re probably right, it’s more of a “just to say you tried it” type of place. Though I’m sure SD has even more local options for that type of food and Wahoo’s seems to have done OK.