SFist gets it

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Girls drinking a Pina Colada

Sac Rag contemporary, SFist.com, made me chuckle today with this post (and photo) about the tanker truck that spilled 7,000 gallons of coconut oil last night in Sacramento.

Actually, I think I enjoyed the first comment more

After getting caught in the rain, Sacramento residents braced for the eventual overturned semi-trucks bringing health food and champagne to the populace that loves making love at midnight.

Stickie, is that you?

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4 Responses to SFist gets it

  1. CoolDMZ says:

    I’m impressed that they didn’t take the opportunity to make fun of Sacramentans. Maybe that’s not their bag.

  2. Turty Squip says:

    I so gotta meet them by tomorrow, them.

  3. Stickie says:

    Are you going to meet them at a bar called O’Malley’s?

  4. Turty Squip says:

    Wait- MOM?!?