Two Rivers Cider Anniversary

Cheers to Vincent Sterne for 15 years of great cider! (photo courtesy of Pacific Brew News)

Congratulations to Two Rivers Cider Company for 15 years of success. We are lucky to have one of the highest rated cider companies in the United States here in our backyard. Sacramento has also greatly benefited from their generosity, especially in the bicycle community, with their constant presence at charitable functions and their organization of the annual Thanksgiving Day ride.

Two Rivers will be celebrating tonight at One Speed from 5-8pm with four rare, barrel aged ciders (Wallonia, Hay-on-Wye, Chica Vieja, and the unnamed Bourbon Cider) and a variety of other surprises. Come join them and hoist your glass to fifteen more years of fantastic cider!

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One Response to Two Rivers Cider Anniversary

  1. Stickie says:

    Holy crap, these are great ciders. Come on down and try some! Sampler of all four is only $7.