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Happy Birthday SNR!

Sacramento News and Review celebrates its 25th anniversary this week.

SacBee reporters honored by Pulitzer

Bee staffers Cynthia Hubert and Phillip Reese were named finalists for the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting. While they did not bring home the top award, only two stories win the distinction of being a finalist. High praise, indeed. Their investigation started with allegations that a mentally ill man was discharged by Southern Nevada… Read more »

Tip 1: Stay indoors

If you have been conscious for the last week or so, you are aware that it is hot out there. As I have spent the better part of my 37 years in Sacramento, I am mostly immune to it at this point, though I have to remind myself that almost half of that has been… Read more »

Help ID our ‘Scumbags of the Week’

This video from News10 includes footage of the two wastes of flesh who tricked a SacState student with Down’s Syndrome out of $600. Let’s figure out who they are and nail their balls to the wall, shall we? SacState Scumbags Scam Student

“Radio Matthew” accused of conspiring to hack

One time friend of this here web log, Matthew Keys (“Radio Matthew”), was indicted on Thursday in Sacramento for allegedly conspiring with members of the hacker group “Anonymous” to hack into and alter a Tribune Co. website. Oddly enough, Matthew wasn’t the first to report this story as he found out about the charges via… Read more »

Halfway house proposal brings Lemon Hill together

I’m inspired by the community action being undertaken by Lemon Hill residents about the proposed “halfway house” for Federal parolees. From the media coverage I have seen, the residents seem to be taking a direct approach to protecting themselves, while the government at all levels appears to have no concern for doing so. It is… Read more »

Sacramento has some of the best “urban forests”

From a recent trip to Ancil Hoffman According to American Forests, a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to protecting forests, has named Sacramento on its just released list of Best Urban Forests. It’s nice to remember that we still are the City of Trees despite the fact that anyone outside of Sacramento or who doesn’t particularly… Read more »

Nick Toma surfaces in Illinois

To this day, our most popular post has to do with the disappearance of Nick Toma from local television. More than a year later, the post still receives comments. Brandy says: December 13, 2012 at 8:41 am Nick toma got fired! As much as i miss him he shouldnt of done what he did on… Read more »

Interesting detail in Old Sac NYE shooting

I don’t mean to diminish in any way the tragedy that took place Monday night in Old Sac. I would just like to point out that apparently the shooting suspect was apprehended by Sac PD officers mounted on horseback. As the witness says in this morning’s Sac Bee article that must have been a pretty… Read more »

KCRA: “Bullying is a choice”

Let me start by saying I don’t think bullying is funny. But let me continue by saying that I think KCRA’s new “Bullying is a choice” campaign is hilarious. Bullying, it’s not a one size fits all problem and there are no easy solutions. But it’s a problem that can no longer be ignored. There’s… Read more »

Armstrong, Getty and the prophet Muhammed

Local radio hosts Armstrong and Getty are embroiled in a controversy about Muhammed, violence, religious tolerance and freedom of speech.

Sac’s kids today

I know a few of us bloggers like to joke about how we are grumpy old men trapped in svelte, exquisitely toned younger men’s bodies. But I’d like us to take a moment to make fun of this awesome op-ed that takes it to a professional level. It’s a “Special to The Bee” from Bruce… Read more »

Lisa Gonzales leaves KOVR 13

It’s always fun when a local news personality leaves to join another local news agency as they have to show excitement about the new job without seeming glad to be out of the old. Take this story from KCRA about Lisa Gonzales joining KCRA. “I am honored and humbled to work at the station I… Read more »

Leibrock, Miller named editors of SN&R

Congratulations go out today to long-time Sac News & Review contributors/editors Rachel Leibrock and Nick Miller. The two were named as co-editors of the Review after the founding editor Melinda Welsh announced she is leaving the weekly in June. Leibrock is probably still not a huge fan of ours so I won’t try any goofs.