KSAC has Found Jesus

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According to the Democratic Underground and the SNR Blog, local progressive talk radio station KSAC 1240 is changing formats on Monday. Gone will be the left leaning talk radio hosts to whom apparently no one listens, and taking its place will be a whole station dedicated to gospel music. That’s right, we’re going to get some good old time religion on the AM dial.

Since the changeover is going to happen on March 31st, we assume that this isn’t an April Fool’s gaffe. Also, in in the irony column, March 31st will be observed as Cesar Chavez day. No better way to pay tribute to a noted labor leader than to dump the progressive station in favor of heavenly tunes.

The reason for the switch? Apparently KSAC was losing money and having difficulty finding advertisers. I’m not sure if this says something about the viability of liberal talk radio, or if it says something about the intelligence of liberal listeners in regard to their lack of interest in the crap that is normally hawked on talk radio (e.g. male enhancement, gold coins, balding remedies, and vegas timeshares pimped by that crazy broad from “That ’70s Show”). I’ll let you, the people, decide.

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  1. ~::~ Lynn… the big~wigs and big corporations… most of which are part of the Global Illuminati Shadow Government… dictate what can and cannot be on TV, in newspapers and the mainstream media. They allow such stories as the size of children’s classrooms and certain immigration stories to be told *as distractions*. They allow these stories to be told *instead* of stories about their own long~time sinister all~destructive doings and the diabolical and horrific agenda they have planned for us and the entire world.

    Lynn… it is apparent to me… that you will not be able to understand any of this… nor can you
    understand the information in the many videos that I pointed you too. Thats alright. Most Americans do not want to see nor know of these truths. I am thankful that there are the others of us who are waking up in droves… only we such can actively speak up and educate others… and do something about it. ~::~

  2. Global Illiminati says:

    We are making our final list. This means ~~::YOU::~~ could be on it.

  3. HeyMeg says:

    Celestial EverOne haven’t you ever heard the phrase, “one man’s ‘secret terrifying obscene and satanic occult rituals’ are another man’s treasure.” Who are we to judge? Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  4. ~::~ Stickie… your preferred beverage sounds quite the treat to savour. :) Belgian ~ very nostalgic, dreamy and charming ‘old world’ in flavour and mood.

    I must assure you that it was not I that you shared your exotic tea time with… also, I never wear headbands. Being a Vedic Hindu monastic Sannyasini, my garb is most often bright orange with a string of Shiva’s rudraksha beads around my neck. We bathe/shower at least 3 times daily… before each of our meditation sessions… and before our pujas {daily worship services in the Sanskrit language.} I read the ancient vedic Hinduism ~ Sanskrit language in its very unique script… it is nothing like the alphabet that Americans know. Sanskrit contains nothing resembling our alphabetical letters.

    My ‘natural scent’ would be that of sandalwood and incense… for my clothes, as well as my hair and skin are constantly drenched in its wafting lofty spiritual fragrances. ~::~

  5. ~::~ HeyMeg… it is not their *Rituals* which are the real problem. It is their ongoing horrific and evil agenda that they are diabolically perpetuating upon every living being and upon our Planet Mother Earth itself. But, they do blood rituals, and ‘mock’ human sacrifices, yell blood~curdling detailed pornographic obcenities, and they all have to talk about sex while they masturbate in coffins ~ this is part of the very sick Ritual behaviours in all of the ‘Skull And Bones’… our Prez Bush, his father and grandfather… many past presidents, politicians,
    big~wigs, heads of corporations, the powerful persons, heads of banks, the filthy rich, certain very wealthy family bloodlines… they are in the ‘Skull And Bones’ … the ‘Global Illuminati’ … the world~wide ‘Shadow Government’ … and they want to kill off over 3/4 of the entire world population…. and to make the remaining ones their zombie slaves. And, make Mother Earth into a steel and concrete wasteland. ~::~

    In my monastic daily life I myself perform daily Hinduism’s very spiritual religious and devotional… meditations and Rituals!

    *Spiritual* Rituals are a part of most every spiritual path.

    Please enter all of the key~word phrases that
    I gave above… in my various postings… into
    the Search Bar on http://YouTube.Com
    And, *watch* the videos. ~::~

  6. ~::~ Well… well… well. So a person calling themselves the *Global Illuminati* has joined us.
    I doubt that very much. Also, I would never be on their chosen ‘list’ of corrupt initiates. ~::~

  7. ~::~ Greetings Ronzo :) yes, what you have said is so very true. I emphatically agree with you. You do have the perception and inner eyes to actually *SEE* the truth. Also, Barack Obama, honourably, will not let any big corporations, special interests nor lobbyists to fund his campaign. I am still hopeful that our Progressive medias will be able to be funded by we progressive, liberal, peaceful and wholistic folks.

    Non~Profit would certainly be a boon too. :) ~::~

  8. HeyMeg says:

    NPR is chock full of government subsidies so I’m not sure how that would help your cause.

    Shouldn’t you be using telepathy or something to get these messages across? You know, mind bullets?

  9. Global Illuminati says:

    Obama’s economic advisor, Austan D. Goolsbee, turns out to be a Skull n’ Bones guy. Sorry ~Celeste~, but to avoid us, you will have to vote for Ron Paul. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA…

  10. ~::~ Global Illuminati… Ron Paul has chosen to be a Republican… and if he were elected he would have to dance to the tune of the rest of the corrupt Republican party. Never vote Republican!

    All of the major political parties are filled with corruption. But, there are a few individuals therein who are exceptions. Anyway, Ron Paul dropped out of the presidential race a long time ago. He is no longer a voting option for anyone.

    {Glad to see that you corrected your spelling of the word *Illuminati* in your ‘name’. 😉 ~::~

  11. ~::~ HeyMeg… long deep daily meditation for the universal welfare and protection and Enlightenment of all beings and mother earth… is telepathic… and omnipresent… like an all~pervading ambrosial spiritual Ocean. Although, it in no way resembles the violence or metaphor of ‘bullets’ at all. ~::~

  12. plumwin says:

    Can this thing not be blocked? So annoying to even look at this anymore.

  13. Scooter says:

    Well shoot! If all it takes to be president is masturbating in a coffin, I would have been Commander in Chief years ago.

  14. Scooter says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Celestial EverOne’s initials spell CEO!?! I smell the thrice-scrubbed daily scent of a Capitalist Pig in our midst!

    Very crafty of you “CEO,” or should I say Dick Cheney(!), for writing in a pseudonym so convincingly irritating, that we would have no choice but to vote Republican in order to sufficiently distance ourselves from the wacko leftist conspiracy theories that have plagued this thread for the past three days.

    You are a shrewd, shrewd man ~::~ Mr. Cheney ~::~. Will you stop at nothing for your party to stay in control? Don’t you have enough money already? Have you not destroyed enough of Mother Gaia so that you can wear your baby seal-skinned suits?

  15. Lynn says:

    Turty Squip could be posting as CEO.

  16. ~::~ Scooter Libby… shameful ~ slander ~ spinning yarns of ludicrous lies … tisk tisk tisk :( ~::~ Names and forms do metamorphize back to Infinite Source. ~::~

  17. Lynn says:

    I’ve been reading about the global illuminati. Hillary is likely an illuminati, but Obama probably is too.

  18. ~::~ Lynn… Barack Obama does not allow *any* big corporations, special interests, lobbyists etc. to fund or donate to his campaign. ~::~ Hillary Clinton’s campaign is funded by all of the above, such as … the oil companies, military weapons development, NAFTA, pharmaceutical drug companies, toxic chemical and deadly pesticide companies, insurance companies, cruel slaughterhouses, meatpacking companies, cattle ranchers, Wall~Mart, the media, the Republican Party etc… The Global Illuminati, The Skull And Bones … and The Shadow Government members penetrate and rule all of these. Hillary Clinton is supported by ALL of the above and she has to dance to their tune and their orders. ~::~ Barack Obama is *not* a part of any of this corruption and massive evil. Barack is a man of honesty and sublime pure character. ~::~

  19. ~::~ Lynn… yes, the Clintons’ are known members of the diabolical ‘Skull And Bones’… which is a branch of the monsterously corrupt and all~destructive Global ‘Illuminati’. ~::~ Even I used to be an avid Bill Clinton fan. Our economy seemed to flourish under Bill. He is intelligent and does have a certain ‘charm.’ Charm certainly can be deceptive. Hillary is vengeful, hot tempered, a lier, pro~war, and emotionally unstable… she is *far* worse and much more dangerous than Bill Clinton in every way. ~::~

  20. Lynn says:

    If the illuminati control the media, and Hillary is part of the illuminati and Obama isn’t… wouldn’t Obama be portrayed in such a negative light that he would be losing?

  21. ~::~ Lynn… Hillary is portraying Barack Obama in a negative light… constantly. The media has attempted to do so also. Not everyone who prospers is part of the Illuminati! Barack is a Higher Consciousness being… his good karma and the good spiritual forces… and yes, God is helping him.

    The USA has horrendously bad karma. If the American people do not accept {elect} this undeserved divine gift of wonderful Barack Obama… then we are DOOMED to a terrible fate!

    But, the Illuminati Republican *DieBold* voting machine manufacturers could rig many voting machines to register your vote as for the republican candidate… not matter who you vote for… just like they did for Bush. :( ~::~

  22. sactalks says:

    It’s a real shame that KSAC is gone. I listen to both Progressive and Conservative radio and I LOVED having both available to listen to. I will really miss hearing the balance of the two.

    Is there ANY other Progressive radio around here now? Anyone know?

  23. HeyMeg says:

    CEO and GSS you seem so proud of your “spirituality” and self-righteous about your lifestyles. It’s getting a little boring.

  24. Scooter says:


    As always I agree with you. It’s not even fun to make fun anymore. Perhaps CEO/GSS/Cheney should just find another plane of existence to blog on.

    I mean really, April Fools was so three days ago.

  25. ~::~ Greetings SacTalks… Yes… It is a shame that the Progressive Talk Radio format of KSAC 1240 AM radio is gone.

    Here is a wonderful site for accessing *Many* Progressive Radio Stations!:


    The Progressive Radio Station ‘AIR AMERICA’ can be listened to 24/7 … all the time from above link.

    Just locate ‘AIR AMERICA’ in the right~hand long list of MANY radio stations… click on the ‘streaming icon’ next to its name… if you *Minimize* the page after the Player comes up… the Player will move to the Icon bar at the bottom of your computer screen. You can keep it set on ‘AIR AMERICA’ in your Icon bar all the time… and turn it off and on. Bookmark the above link that I gave you. There are *Many* other Progressive radio stations to experiment with and listen to.

    {On your regular radio or boom~box you might be able to get KGO 810 AM… which airs out of San Francisco… it is relatively Progressive.} ~::~

  26. ~::~ SacTalks… ‘AIR AMERICA’ is the 4th radio station listed in the top of the list on the right~hand side of the website. Find it… and *Click* on the letters ‘WM’ … that are next to the name. The Windows Media Player will then come up. After it loads Minimize it. It then can stay in the Icon bar at the bottom of your computer screen. Enjoy Listening! :)

    The 4th listing at the right, is the only one there which will get you ‘AIR AMERICA’ easily.

    ~::~ http://ltradio.blogspot.com ~::~

  27. sactalks says:

    Thanks, Guru for the advice on radio stations. I will check that out when I’m in the office. Usually I’m driving all about the County and do most of my radio listening in the car. So I’ll check out the KGO 810 personalities. Just a quick perusal of their website doesn’t excite me for some really good Progressive radio, but I’ll give some of them a chance.

    Thanks again!

  28. ~::~ Greetings SacTalks… I am happy that I was
    given the opportunity to share with you the link to *MANY* online accessible Progressive Talk Radio Stations. :) http://ltradio.blogspot.com

    I have joined your own http://SacTalks.Com
    the new Sacramento’s Online Community forums.

    You know that I am there. 😉 I am giving your site
    link for the benefit of others who may read this.

  29. koofii says:

    This is yet another example of the “One Party” system Vidal, Chomsky and others have been talking about for years. Democrats and Republicans in power talk about fundamental differences but behave essentially the same in office. Both are financed, supported and driven by large corporations, who also control the majority of ‘news’ (information) outlets. All the while, the FCC allows more consolidation into fewer hands, making it harder for small, local and independent sources to survive. The net effect is a narrowly focused, highly controlled message given to the masses. It should be no surprise, as this country has a long history of creating and maintaining a confused, docile, and largely uninformed public. How else can one explain the Iraq war; supported by both parties, still churning along at $341.4 million per day, ‘sold’ to the public with a complete fabrication of facts (that all major ‘news’ outlets happily reported without investigation), etc. If the government and so-called journalism folks can sell a phony war, what else do you suppose they do?