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kids old time radioRachel Leibrock has a great, although brief, profile on KYDS 91.5 FM in this morning’s Bee. I do love KYDS, although the eclectic radio thing only goes so far for me. I like alternative radio because of the niche programming but it has to be that–programming. Throwing everything on the air but the Kitchen Sink (unless that is an obscure Lithuanian band, in which case it’s probably on their playlist) at a certain point just turns into The Jack or The Bob or whatever, only with substantially less BTO, which let’s face it we all need.

Leibrock highlights the station’s “45-hour audiothon” this weekend; the kids are hoping to raise a modest $2,000 for its reserve funds.

Overall it’s a good read. She must have given KYDS more than a half hour after placing a call before she ran her story!

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5 Responses to Leibrock profiles KYDS

  1. Global Illuminati says:

    The band Kitchen Sink was ~removed~ by us. KYDS is on our approved list. You will listen to KYDS.

  2. basuraman says:

    well if by Lithuania you mean upstate New York..you might be right.


  3. Stickie says:

    I love this station and am especially pleased that they are also carrying KSSU in the off hours rather than the loops of taped KYDS shows that they used to broadcast.

    Support local radio!!

  4. Mad Dog says:

    This is a GREAT station, nothing like Jack or Bob or any of the crud that is on the commercial stations. The most variety in town and the most interesting blend of classic, obscure, new, old, experimental, and familiar. You never know what you will get. For open-minded listeners this is a wonderful thing.

  5. CoolDMZ says:

    Mad Dog that is sort of my point, you never know what you will get. Sometimes I want to know what I’m going to get. I want it to be Hawaiian music on Sunday mornings, or garage rock on Sunday nights or whatever, something I can look forward to. Tuning in for mystery flavor of the hour only goes so far for me.