The Ace-man leaveth

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Fans of the Adam Carolla show were greeted with some bummer news today as Adam announced that Friday will be his last show on terrestrial radio. The show’s home station, KLSX (97.1) in Los Angeles will switch to the oh-so-popular “Top 40/Contemproary Hit Radio” format on February 20th.


“Beginning next week, new episodes of Carolla’s show will no longer broadcast in any market, although it is believed that “best of” shows may air in some territories.”

The good news is that the show will continue via podcast starting Monday at

The show was heard locally on 106.5 (KWOD).

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9 Responses to The Ace-man leaveth

  1. plumwin says:

    Thanks for the timely post. My commute will suck a little more starting Monday. Bummer is right.

  2. Turty Squip says:

    Ditch your 8 tracks and gramophone and try Tuner2 for the iPhone. Allows you to receive podcasts while mobile. Up to you to hook it into your car’s audio system, or hold it to your ear while driving.

    Or ditch the whole audio concept, and just read the newspaper!

  3. plumwin says:

    Hey now! I will continue on with my 8 track ways thank you very much. Some things are just meant to stay, including the Ace Man.

    Ok, back to playing my theremin…

  4. radnom says:

    Any info whether he’ll be podcasting from Dr. Drew’s basement?

  5. drivelocity says:

    That’s too bad. I really liked his show, though I haven’t listened to terrestrial radio in a couple years as I mainly listen to Sirius now. I wish his departure was because Top Gear America was going to be on TV, but it looks like that’s out the window as well.

  6. nick says:

    I suppose I will listen to RAD now. A&G doesn’t come in at my work. RAD takes an hour to get to the meat of a topic and talks about the same thing over and over though.

  7. RonTopofIt says:

    KWOD aired a replay this morning. redirects to where you can download his podcasts. I haven’t listened to the first one yet, but I did notice that he’s using the very popular WordPress publishing platform (same as this here Web log). Keepin’ it real…

  8. RonTopofIt says:

    I just finished the first show. Not bad. Adam provided a background of what went down along with how things will progress with the new format. Mixed in with the usual “and by the way” rants.

    Plus, tons of eff bombs…

  9. Turty Squip says:

    Eff bombs are a hallmark of stayin’ classy an’ keepin’ it real.