Don Geronimo to return to Sacramento airwaves

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Thanks to reader Stephanie for the tip, as we learned today via the Twitter pages that Don Geronimo of the Don & Mike Show fame will return to KHTK on June 21st. This presumably means the end of the Jim Kozimor show.

To start, I’ll do 3 wks a month from an OC studio, 1 week a month from Sac-town. Plans are to relocate to Sac eventually. A new home!

I still have the mp3 of his first show back after the tragic death of his wife, Freda, in 2005. Powerful stuff.

Welcome back to Sacramento, Don!

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22 Responses to Don Geronimo to return to Sacramento airwaves

  1. kevin says:

    It will be great to have Geronimo back in Sac!!

  2. Nicole says:

    You snagged a real gem. Your ratings will sky rocket. Please let his show be the first to be syndicated! We miss him so very much.
    Faithful fan from the Zoo days…
    Nicole aka. Bowchickawowow

  3. john says:

    Im so happy I almost cant contain it….I love Don…I hope he likes it here…takes a little while…but we have medical mary jane to help adjust LOVE DONNY G…us BM eaters arent worthy 😉

  4. Howard Brilliant says:

    I would love a copy of that MP3

  5. RunnerGirl says:

    RADIO GODS! Love D&M, both separately and together. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since he and Bart lost Freda — so tragic. I’m sure he’ll get a warm Sacramento welcome!

  6. Brian Clark says:

    Sacramento is getting a real radio genius in Don G. And for us East Coast, D.C area fans, we will listen to podcasts and hope he ends up back in D.C someday,…. but i think we’ve lost him to the West Coast for good.

  7. hoover says:

    does this mean Grant Napier will be his boss and lover?

  8. Turty Squip says:

    How many people do the giant corporations have to kill with their silly contests before they will keep these people off the air? What about the children?!?

  9. cogmeyer says:

    We already have the Capitol Hour with Eric Hogue at noon.

    How much lunch hour radio entertainment can Sacramentans really handle?

  10. Cristina says:

    Best thing to happen to Sacramento radio in a long time!

  11. Turty Squip says:

    ? Is everyone a trucker or lifeguard or something with nothing but time to listen to the radio all day long?

  12. Sirius says:

    I was a huge D&M fan forever! Then they split up and i went to Stern on Sirius, which is THE BEST… love it!

    I have not listened to terrestrial radio for years but my love for Don Geronimo has me gitty to listen in. If anything will bring me back to normal boring radio, it’ll be Don.

    Much love from Sacramento!! Can’t wait to hear ya.

  13. cogmeyer says:

    Turty – According to the latest jobs report, apparently everyone is a Federal census worker.

  14. RonTopofIt says:

    The show will start on June 21st, filling the 12-4 p.m. weekday slot.

  15. RonTopofIt says:

    For those that can’t wait, if you follow Don on Twitter you know about his video clips. Here’s his review of the BP TV spots.

  16. mr. mister says:

    The third hour of todays show was a good one… and he’s just warming up :)

  17. RonTopofIt says:

    Yes, it did pick up steam after an awkward beginning. Taking unscreened phone calls is always risky and I didn’t miss the annoying sound effect when a call is being taken. Once things settle down it should be entertaining. The online streaming works great, too.

  18. David L says:

    Don at his worst is better than most radio personalities at it’s best. The Don And Mike show helped get me trough one of the the toughest times of my life, giving me something to laugh about during a very sad time. I am now a member of the Mike O’Meara show (paid) and the podcast is a blast. Now I have Don on a local station, I have been telling every person I see. Don is a great personality and so far the show is on solid ground. I can’t wait until he is living here and can comment on local crap.

    1140 is now back on my presets after a two year absence.

    #1 Fan!!!

  19. e22tech says:

    adhoc iTunes feed:

    This should work until the official feed is posted.

  20. RonTopofIt says:

    Here’s the iTunes podcast link for the show. I’ve been enjoying it so far. It’s nice having Facebook and Twitter now to immediately interact with what’s going on with the show as it is happening.

  21. Janny says:

    Good post!