Newspaper with a thing for offensive ledes

The Bee reports today on a sex offender caught preying on boys after being released from prison after serving time for a 1988 child molestation charge.

Robert Precobb, a sex offender with a thing for teenage boys, caught a big break last year when a judge ordered him freed from prison. (my emphasis)

Some guys might have “a thing for” redheads, or for Spanish-looking men, or for apple fritters, but a child molester preys on children. It’s super gross to phrase it that way and the Bee should probably change the wording.



Coincidentally, I have a thing for redheaded Spanish men that eat apple fritters.


Editor forgot to change “thing” to “predilection.” “Thing” might have been a placeholder, but I always use KJLSDLJKS as my placeholder when I can’t think of the word- that way I get a second chance when I spellcheck. Then again, given the quality of some of the articles, KJLSDLJKS might have snuck its way through as well.


Why is it that I suddenly feel dirty? Oh yeah — pedophiles and fritters. Bleck. The state fair will never be the same again …

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