How the “Other” half of the other half lives

What with all the talk at Cesar Chavez Park and around the nation about the “1%,” the Bee yesterday provided a closer look at those wealthy one-percenters living in our own backyard.

Looking at a breakdown of the industries the 1% works in, the first question that jumps to my mind is what’s “Other,” where apparently 38% of the region’s $300,000-plus-earners make a living? Is the secret to making it in America avoiding all college courses that might lead you to law, healthcare, finance, construction, trade, or manufacturing?

I should be living in the Fabulous Forties by now.



if you’re looking for an “other” profession, the preferred major is “independent studies.”

Richard L

The Bee story is a non-story, a creation. The 1 Percenters being protested about don’t live here. I’m not sure even the Maloofs or Raley-Teels would qualify. Most of Granite Bay wouldn’t. Folks accept that the local doctor, or even “other” guy is pretty well off. The guy on Wall Street making $300 million in a year and, “lightly taxed” (quoth Warren Buffett) is what it’s about.


Off the top of my head, hi-tech and government are two fields that could be in the “other” category

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