Martin Tuttle to manage West Sac

Continuing to step away from its image as The Trucker Brothel Capital of Yolo County, West Sac stepped up its game today by hiring Martin Tuttle to be the new City Manager. Tuttle will rival Rancho Cordova’s Ted Gaebler as our region’s coolest city official. Sorry, John Shirey.

Tuttle has already made his impression of the future of Sacramento (and past futures, too) by spearheading the development of the SACOG Regional Blueprint, which is used as a model for regional planning across the nation. He also plays a mean air guitar whenever AC/DC comes on the juke. At least that’s what I hear.

“Marty Tuttle aims high and gets the job done, which makes him the perfect fit for West Sacramento and our city’s ambitious vision,” said Mayor Christopher Cabaldon. “Recruiting a manager of this caliber means that West Sacramento won’t miss a beat on the waterfront, neighborhoods, the Port, flood protection, economic development, prudent budgeting, and our other priorities.”

Mayor Cabaldon did not comment on the air guitar issue. I will continue to look into it.

Tuttle starts work in July.

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One Response to Martin Tuttle to manage West Sac

  1. RunnerGirl says:

    Excellent move for West Sac! Marty was my boss back when he first joined SACOG, and he’s approachable, innovative, and shatters the status quo.