Discount cats

Need a new cat?

Looking for something fuzzy to stroke? Want a new friend for you and your pets? Tired of referring to the mangy stray in the alley as “my cat?” The Sacramento Animal Shelter has annouced that all cats, young and old, adorable and terrifying, are only 99 cents. This price includes vaccinations, microchip, collar, tag and a bag of food.

Sale ends September 1st, so act today!

About Stickie

Stickie is a Nor-Cal native with family stretching back to the Amador mines in the 1920's. He is currently conspiring on secret ways to make your life better without you knowing about it. You should thank him for it.

One Response to Discount cats

  1. CoolDMZ says:

    If they clear some space in that kitty building at the shelter can I live there? That place is nice.