Rumors of our demise etc. etc.

The venerable Heckasac today:

Remember all the blogs that have come and gone? The ones that started off strong and faded away? Remember when Sac Rag was a big thing? Oh wait, they are still posting! I’ll have to go back to checking. Although when SNR had a “best of” blogs category, I argued and will still argue that a “blog” with a whole roster of posters is really not a blog. Remember when I used to start fights with everyone before I knew that people would find out about it?

“Remember when” you used to start fights with everyone, eh? Just kidding. We will be here on the internet until you pry Sac-eats from our cold dead hands, or until one of us moves to Wisconsin.

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Your response is way too kind. The venerable Heckasac’s posting was rife with pretentious bitchiness.

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