“In Living Color” on My58

Jamie Foxx on In Living ColorNo, Corey and the boys are not getting back together (I wish)… Last year My58 CW31 brought us Reno 911! on late night, and this year they’re My58 is bringing back Keenan, Jamie, DAG, Tommy, Carrey, and of course J Lo. That’s right, “In Living Color,” the troupe that rocked your world back in the ’90s, is coming back to My58 starting at 7:30 p.m. on April 16. Will it stand the test of time?


Radio Matthew

Sorry, CoolDMZ! My58 did not bring Sacramento “Reno 911″ in syndication—CW31 did. Your post even says it :)


Well excuuuuse me if I don’t know how to read. Fixed, thanks


Remember when Wanda was giving birth and the baby so was ugly the nurse threw it to the doctor and he threw the baby (!!!) to Wanda! Wanda looked at the baby and say “don’t worry lil Wanda, I love you.” Great show, I’m sure it will stand the test of time as it was on BET late night not long ago.

Radio Matthew

It was on BET late night not long ago.

I think it was also on Fox 40 last year for a while. But that could’ve been another ethnic sitcom from the 90’s that I’m thinking of.

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