I’m a victim!

I had to leave my commuter bike locked but unattended at the 59th Street Light Rail Station on Tuesday during working hours. I did remember to remove my front wheel and lock it together with my back wheel, and I remembered to remove my headlamp and computer (odometer, speedometer, etc). However, when I returned to my trusty steed at 5:00 or so, my bike was still there but pretty much everything that was not locked down was gone.

Stolen items:

  • mount for the head lamp
  • rear lamp
  • spare inner tube

Items conspicuously not stolen:

  • mount for the rear lamp (required a screwdriver to remove)
  • mount for the computer (probably also requires a tool to remove)
  • tire levers and Allen wrenches that were stored with the tube
  • seat

I suppose this was a crime of necessity as my tires were also not slashed. Lesson learned, Sacramento. No place is safe. Especially not without your headlamp.



Sucks, dude. Sorry to hear that. Out of curiosity, what kind of lock were you using?

jess sullivan

I had the same thing happen to me at the same lightrail station. And it seems so (relatively) legit!


I’m glad to have the first 2 comments be sympathetic! Because I know it was a bonehead move to not empty the bike of those items myself, or to leave it at all.

I’m using an older Kryptonite lock, I don’t have my bike handy so I don’t know the model # or anything.


Don’t have your bike handy? Which sketchy RT station did you leave it at this time?


This time I left it at the station at the corner of Screw & U. Just kidding


I have had several calls and emails from people who seem to think the bike was stolen. It was not. However, I need to add that the pump was stolen, along with 3 velcro straps that were holding it on the bike. The loss of the straps hurts more!


I’ve found that having the straps too tight hurts too. 1) Always listen for the safety word. 2) Make sure NOT to pick a safety word that sounds too much like “tighter” or “harder,” or you will spoil the fun.

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