Open thread: What to do about these Kings?

Is regicide the only answer?

Well, that sucked. There were some bright spots, most notably getting ‘Reke back, but otherwise not good. So, open thread especially for us mostly out-of-the-loop-don’t-really-care types to suggest what can be done to salvage this season. I’ll start off the discussion: More jazz bass. RIP Wayman

P.S. Sac Bee, what is the deal with the URLs lately? That one literally has “asdf” repeated about a dozen times. Is this a thing I don’t know about? Does purposely trying not to have SEO lead to greater SEO?



What about layoffs? Pay cuts? After drastically cutting salaries the Kings could afford to offer up free admission to the games. I’m still amazed anyone pays money to go see them play. But, then again, I’m amazed anyone pays money to do anything these days.

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