Intel is hiring/has hired/can’t hire again

Job seekers certainly took notice of a headline in the Bee on Saturday announcing that “Intel in Folsom is hiring again.” The story supports this encouraging headline, too, in the first sentence.

After a decade of downsizing at its Folsom campus, Intel Corp. has begun hiring again.

Great, so you *are* hiring folks.

The Santa Clara-based high-tech company, one of the largest private employers in the Sacramento region, said it has added nearly 370 workers to its local operation since January.

Ok, so you *have* hired this year.

Intel spokesman Mark Pettinger noted that the company has recently instituted a hiring freeze. But Pettinger added that Intel could bring on additional hires at the Folsom campus if the economy picks up.

Oh, I see, you *aren’t hiring* right now, but wanted to let us know that you *could* hire again if things get better in this nasty economy?

Am I missing something here, folks?

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Nope not missing anything. This is simply a case of bad journalism. It looks like Rick (the author) had been working on this for a while, and the hiring freeze ruined his article, but he published anyway.

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