Janet Jackson’s Boob Fell Out? At the superbowl?

From my favorite celebrity trash site (mollygood.com) comes the recognition of our fine city’s outstanding journalism.  Seriously? We’re still asking JJ about her boob? Next after the break some hilarious Monica Lewinsky jokes.

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5 Responses to Janet Jackson’s Boob Fell Out? At the superbowl?

  1. RonTopofIt says:

    Good call, HeyMeg. I’m playing the video and I know it’s coming. I’m fighting the urge to click the close button, trying not to bail too early. Then the pause comes, and it’s SO forced (MSA forced? you ask, no!) and just plain tired. Turn the page, man. You know more than anyone that these folks are doing hundreds of these interviews in a day. Make it interesting for them, make them want to remember Sacramento, CA. (for the right reasons, of course).

    I think I speak for the city when I say, “ugh.”

  2. HeyMeg says:

    Thanks RTOI! :)

  3. TalkingPocket says:

    a celebrity interview is hardly journalism…even at its worst. i doubt we were going to see any hard hitting questions in it’s place. so janet, what do you think about the war in Iraq? what about the Burma demonstrations? are you planning on adopting a 3rd world baby any time soon? just sit back and enjoy the awkward silence.

  4. This video is in the entertainment section of EVERY CBS O&O station’s website. CBS 2 in LA, CBS 4 in Florida, CBS 2 in New York, CBS 5 in San Francisco, CBS 11 in Dallas…they’ve all got it.

  5. cooldmz says:

    Matthew you always do that and nobody knows what you mean. Are you joining in the mockery by pointing out that folks all across CBS’s reach can now enjoy MSA’s tomfoolery? Is it somehow Heymeg’s fault that syndication exists?