Radio contest death trial starts today

Jury selection begins today in the trial to determine whether Entercom, the radio giant who owns 107.9 The End (and 98 Rock, and 96.9 The Eagle, and KSSJ, and 106.5, and AM 1320…) is responsible for the death of Jennifer Strange during a radio contest in 2007, which of course I blogged about back then. Since I really haven’t thought about it much since then, I still feel pretty much the same as I did back then: I still maintain that “personal responsibility” doesn’t protect a company asking people to abandon their common sense. I’d rather err on the side of protecting people who should know better than protecting organizations without a discernible conscience.

I also hope as a side effect of this trial that somehow NBC will be forced to stop airing “America’s Got Talent” — hey, I’m no expert, it’s up to the lawyers to figure out how to make that happen.


Turty Squip

I hurt my finger pressing the redial button once, back when I was trying to be caller number 9, to win the new MonkeyPox album.

I guess if someone dies while showing their talent, that show will get yanked too.


I die a little on the inside every time they refer to David Hasselhoff as “The Hoff”.

Turty Squip

I was too busy watching Shaq get his azz kicked by Oscar DeLaHoya.

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