Grow up, Sacramento

Hey Maw! Git a load of that feller's heels!

Local restaurants, bloggers and even our mainstream media are reporting that Prince is hanging around.

Note to Sacramentans: If you don’t want to be seen as a cowtown, don’t crap yourselves when you see a famous person. Don’t disrespect someone’s privacy by bragging that a celebrity dined in your restaurant (especially if you want them to return, HELLO?), and don’t report it in the Sacramento Bee, even if it is a slow news day and you are simply reporting what other people are reporting.

Which is precisely what I am doing. Aw, hell.

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Stickie is a Nor-Cal native with family stretching back to the Amador mines in the 1920's. He is currently conspiring on secret ways to make your life better without you knowing about it. You should thank him for it.

4 Responses to Grow up, Sacramento

  1. TheChadd says:

    Sorry….If I saw Cletus at Corti Bros, I would crap myself.

  2. BadMonkey says:

    You know, that kind of hubbub would never happen in a bigger city like LA… or New York…

    They are much more mature cities than Sac.

  3. Fernandez says:

    Whoa, you’re so cosmopolitan! You know all the rules to looking cool and keeping it classy in an urban environment. You’re like the Vince Vaughn of the blogosphere.

    Wait, is that Vince Vaughn reference too passe?

  4. Stickie says:

    JF – Puh-leeze, try Bradley Cooper!

    BM – If the streets of Sac start looking like that, I’ll go Karl Malden on their asses.