Renovations, eh?

Mavericks Win in OT

Sleep Train Arena will be undergoing some renovations before the NBA season opens:

The changes – expected to be ready opening night, Oct. 30 – include two new VIP lounges – one for the team’s three-dozen-member ownership group – and one expanded lounge. The visitors locker room, a long-reviled dungeon, will be doubled in size.

Not to pick on former staffer Runnergirl but here is a discussion from 2006 on this site about renovations including the very ones that are being planned. RG’s points were well-made, and I only include it here because it is relevant, not to prove anything. Though I do think the prevailing wisdom of the time was that these renovations were impossible. (Sac-eats has some choice bon mots in the comments section. Also–Kit!)

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Of course renovations were not impossible. Lambeau Field in Green Bay was just another crappy 50s era stadium, and has become an NFL showpiece simply because the community decided to make it so.

The Maloof’s purposely chose to let ARCO arena fall into disrepair, mainly to magnify the need for a new stadium. There is no other reason an owner would allow a leaky roof and avoid even the most basic of maintenance like dealing with the peeling paint.

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