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Holiday beer tasting at The Shack

The Shack is kicking off December with their annual Christmas and Holiday Beer Tasting this Tuesday at 6pm. If you have not been to one of The Shack’s Tuesday night parties, you are missing out on Sacramento’s best opportunity to … Continue reading


Updates for the Hungry: Liquor License Edition

The Flaming Grill, everyone’s favorite burger joint to be located across the street from a catholic girls school, has finally gotten a beer and wine license. What does that mean to you and me? Well, it means later hours for … Continue reading

Finger Clickin’ Good

After working all weekend excavating about 10 tons of dirt and clay from my East Sac home, I kicked back with a bucket of chicken from our local KFC: View Larger Map This fact gives me my Sacramento tie-in to … Continue reading

Big Joe’s BBQ

Dipping your mop into the world of barbecue can be a precarious business. Other than pizza and burgers, there is no other food that Americans are more opinionated about. Some folks insist that your cooking vessel makes all the difference, … Continue reading

Paul Martin’s American Bistro

It takes a lot to get me to go to Roseville.  It’s not a destination that I seek out, let’s put it that way.  I don’t have any specific beef with the place per se, but it doesn’t draw me in with any specific gravitational pull.  … Continue reading

Rubicon – 20 years of beers

Congrats to Rubicon Brewing for surviving and thriving in Sacramento for 20 years. This weekend, the 20th Anniversary celebrations coincide with their 2nd annual Hoptoberfest, with 20 hoppy beers on tap from California and beyond, music and BBQ. See you … Continue reading

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

When you think barbecue, you typically think, “Hey, how do you actually spell ‘barbecue’?”  Good question.   Traditionalists, including myself, (and really who would you listen to otherwise?  I mean c’mon, if a white kid from California doesn’t know BBQ, who … Continue reading

Pronto- Farmer’s Market in a Bowel [sic]

Despite its insistence on using a grammatically flawed slogan, “Real Italian, Real Fast,” Pronto continues to deliver top-notch luncheon fare.   Today’s meal was the “Farmer’s Market” salad.  Mixed greens, arugula, corn, cornbread croutons, avocado, dates, almonds, goat cheese, and a … Continue reading

No more Cobbler for you

Out walking the neighborhood, my wife and I noticed that soul/BBQ restaurant The Cobbler was gone, replaced by a new Mexican joint called “Cantina el 7 Copas.” Does that mean “Seven of Cups” restaurant? Like it’s Tarot-themed? We never got … Continue reading

Esquire Grill: American as Apple Compote

Sometimes you just feel like a good “date” dinner, the kind of dinner where you sit for a few hours, chatting, eating, sipping wine, chatting more, eating more, sipping more wine, chatting a little louder, eating too much, slurping wine, hooting … Continue reading

Thursdays at Ruby Tuesday’s

When you take the time to write about food as incessantly as I do, you find yourself in the weighty role of dining adviser to friends and family.  Whether for a small bite with an old friend or a recommendation … Continue reading

Tips For Tipping

The Mrs. and I had a very nice dinner at the new Buckhorn Grill in Midtown recently.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a stripped down version of Buckhorn’s flagship steakhouse in Winters.  Like Pronto and Cafe Bernardo and a … Continue reading

“Boil ‘N Fry Day” Saturday

Just found out about “Boil ‘N Fry Day” this Saturday, sponsored by Sac Rag favorite Dad’s Sandwich Shop and Lite Brite Productions. This event is a blast with bands, crawfish, hotwings, beer gardens and Hill Billy Games! Last year’s net … Continue reading

Sacramento Brewing Company: Two Saturdays, Same Result

It’s that time of year again. No, not spring. No, not your mother’s birthday. No, will you just let me finish for chrissakes? It’s that time of year when Mrs. Eats and I whip out the Entertainment book and start … Continue reading