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Beware Drano Bottle Bombs

Apparently “Works Bombs,” a plastic bottle filled with Drano and tin foil which creates an explosive reaction, have been around for a while but was recently verified on Snopes, with several incidents reported recently. The amount of force that is … Continue reading


Resulting panic not my fault, you feel me?

Interesting turn of events with this Arden Fair Mall fight on Wednesday. Here’s what we have… 1) Dudes get into a fight. 2) Dudes knock down a sign. 3) Sign makes a loud noise. 4) Mall patrons hear loud noise … Continue reading

McKinley Park Playground rebuild begins

from the City of Sacramento web site The bad news over the weekend of an arsonist (allegedly) destroying the playground at McKinley park is giving way to hopeful news of fundraising already beginning on a replacement. City Council member Steve … Continue reading

How to solve our wire theft problem

I’m curious as to why so many commenters seem to get where the solution lies in this Sac Bee article about wire thieves wreaking darkness on Sacramento streetlights. In response to the crime wave, the city has taken the unusual … Continue reading

It pays to recycle

This “blatant act of theft” caused me to pee in your bushes It’s no secret that in these tough economic times (using this bit for four years now, wow) people will do just about anything to make a few bucks. … Continue reading

Newspaper with a thing for offensive ledes

The Bee reports today on a sex offender caught preying on boys after being released from prison after serving time for a 1988 child molestation charge. Robert Precobb, a sex offender with a thing for teenage boys, caught a big … Continue reading

I didn’t say *bomb* squad…

Suspicious object found in Folsom field I wasn’t aware that “bong” was commonly known enough to appear in a news article. There’s no euphemism for that? “Tobacco smoking device?” “Tobacco paraphernalia?” Do we not use euphemisms anymore? The “bomb squad/bong … Continue reading

Let me help you with those

In my inbox this morning, a reader pointed me to funny wording in a Tweet this morning from @SacPolice about the Best Buy burglars caught dumping iPads: Is Sac PD trying to start a war with the CHP by smearing … Continue reading

“The Bucket List Bandit” is coming for you

In case you haven’t heard about the latest criminal mastermind, the so-called “Bucket List Bandit” is wanted for robbing Bank of the West in Carmichael last month, and he got his label because he appears to be 48 to 50 … Continue reading

A city under a social experiment

Follow me on this one, folks. According to fox40.com, the Sacramento Police Department has a theory, well it appears they have several, but at any rate. …they’re looking to stop crime at it’s lowest level. “You stop the smaller crimes, … Continue reading

Lockdown television series features Sacramento

I was skipping through the channels last night when I came across an airing of National Geographic’s Lockdown series. This episode featured Sacramento, and not in a fun, “hey, we have a lot of trees are close to San Francisco“, … Continue reading

More festive and stuff

At least four Midtown businesses have had their Christmas decorations stolen. “It’s kind of annoying. We are putting them out there just to make our place look more festive and stuff, but people come in and try to ruin it,” … Continue reading

I’m a victim!

photo credit: Craig A Rodway I had to leave my commuter bike locked but unattended at the 59th Street Light Rail Station on Tuesday during working hours. I did remember to remove my front wheel and lock it together with … Continue reading

Bringing back the “need-to-know basis”

I was reading this story on news10.net about how security at Arden Fall mall used license plate scanners and HD cameras to help police arrest a car thief and couldn’t help but think, “should they really be telling us this … Continue reading

Hands off

see more Lolcats and funny pictures Hudson Sangree’s Bee story today about a shooting downtown in which a jazz musician shot a troublemaker includes this fantastic detail about some of the troublemaking that led to the shooting: As they exited … Continue reading