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Favorite baseball teams: spot the Oakland green

Via Atlantic magazine based on Facebook data. A huge swath of Giants orange in Nor Cal and zero presence for the Oakland Athletics (as well as the Mets and Blue Jays). This is probably just the thing to make another Moneyball team possible.

Giants World Championship trophies will be appearing in Sacramento

Nicknamed “The Twins,” the Giants 2010 and 2012 World Series trophies are making another tour of Northern California, and their first stop is none other than Sacramento. This will be the second public trophy tour held in the past three years and will feature both the 2012 and 2010 trophies. The focus of the San… Read more »


In honor of tonight’s CGSO by the unfortuntely-hairstyled Tim Lincecum I’d like to belatedly post this photo I snapped at Sunday’s division-winning victory over the Padres. It was the first SF Giants game I had attended in a few years and it was one for the books. Hum baby!

Two Kudos for the Bee

1) Not putting the new Neo Mnemonic movie, “Street Things” on the front page of the Ticket section. Rather than pimp a movie that once again has felt the wrath of Carla Meyer, the editorial staff wisely chose to feature a Second Saturday piece on the Ticket cover. Good choice. And as for Meyer’s review… Read more »

Downtown stadiums

I’m sitting in a room on the 21st floor of the Omni in San Diego, looking down into PetCo Park, where the Padres are playing the Giants. I can tell every time Bonds makes an appearance — the boos rock the ballpark and practically vibrate the foundation of the hotel (which has a four-floor skywalk… Read more »

Attack of the 120-year old outfield

There are enough A’s and Giants fans in Sacramento that they can be considered fair game for a post, right? That question was purely rhetorical. Here’s what prompted me to bring my beloved Gigantes de beisbol into the mix: In this offseason, after the failed experiment bringing 40 year old Moises Alou into the outfield… Read more »