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City aquatics schedule announced; YMCA to operate Tahoe Pool

The City of Sacramento was able to make an early announcement today about the start of summer aquatics season and it looks like the good news trend continues. The “YMCA of Superior California” will operate Tahoe Pool, as it did last summer, but Glenn Hall and Southside will once more be run by the city…. Read more »

YMCA-City pools rubbing folks the wrong way?

We enjoyed spending a lot of time at our beloved Tahoe Pool over the weekend, and are reaping the benefits of daily hours already. Our season pass will pay for itself in 2 weeks. Many thanks to the Sacramento YMCA for saving these pools! But I am seeing a lot of grumbling about the slight… Read more »

YMCA will operate 3 city pools this summer

YMCA of Sacramento had recently announced it would operate Glenn Hall, Southside and Tahoe Pools this summer. But the even better news is that these pools will hav open swim hours seven days a week. In addition to open swim hours 1-5pm Sunday through Friday and noon to 6pm Saturday, the pools will be open… Read more »

Last chance to enjoy City pools this summer

The City pools are gearing up to close for the season but there is still time to enjoy them before then. From the City Aquatics page: Bertha Henschel Play Pool, Clunie & Pannell Meadowview Pools are open through Labor Day weekend. Tahoe Pool is open through Sat. 8/25. McClatchy Park and Sim Pools are open… Read more »

Neighborhood Assoc. saves Tahoe Park pool

Some excellent news came this week for Tahoe Park residents — and for anyone else who has enjoyed the park’s public pool. An effort by the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association was successful in reopening Tahoe Park Pool for the 2012 season! TPNA was able to secure donations by the Sierra Health Foundation and local representatives… Read more »

City pools open today

For what it’s worth. Five pools are closed this year for recreational swimming, and those that are open are typically open a grand total of 12 hours per week. The schedule is wack, as the kids would say. All pools that are still open are open from 2-4pm, and one assumes the bright spot was… Read more »

City pools are practically closed

Glenn Hall Pool, by Midtown Grid user Julia The bathroom closure announcement is probably the most unfortunate and glaring change in the city’s gutted rec budget, but I’m really disappointed that almost all the pools will now only be open 3-5 PM. There will be no city pools open after 5pm, and several pools —… Read more »