Three-Way Thai

It seems like Thai restaurants are popping up faster than teenage wood at the new Hooters joint at Arden fair. While they might not contain sweater meat and rib cushions in profusion, Thai restaurants usually provide an exciting array of uniquely spiced dishes, crisp Asian beer and creative head-dresses.

I’m not sure when it was that Thai went from fringe ethic eats to mainstream American diet, but I knew when I saw a “Taste of Bangkok” booth at the state fair that Thai food had definitely arrived. Let’s talk about the three I’ve eaten at most recently:

Thai Cottage
Fulton Ave near Cottage
Food **** Atmosphere ****

Thai Cottage sits on Fulton Ave like a grotesque pink bunker. Situated across the street from the iconic Buggy Whip, it has as much curb appeal as the dude Ed Norton f’s up in American History X. Walk inside, however, and this little hovel will treat you with its tasteful interior and elegantly sculpted backyard bamboo patch, very charming when lit up at night. The food is absolutely scrumptious and the service quick, polite and attentive. It’s a great quiet, relaxing spot and every trip there makes you think you’ve “discovered” something, kinda like when Indiana Jones uses the crystal headpiece on the Staff of Rah–yeah, kinda like that.

Thai House
Fair Oaks Blvd and Munroe, Loehman’s Plaza
Food *** Atmosphere **

Thai House is a new joint that moved into Loehman’s Plaza and took over the digs of the ill-fated “Rice Bowl Express.” (If the original Rice Bowl was bad, imagine how the Rice Bowl Express was.) The interior is “upscale-dive,” not yet to the point where they can afford covers on the menus, but high class enough to offer linen napkins. Because the place is so small, the service is quick and usually intelligible. I’ve heard, as well as experienced, both good and average food there, but the good stuff will really blow you away. Well priced and easy to get to, I’m a big fan. Try the green curry, medium spice. If you order the spicy, you will probably need a hazmat crew to resuscitate you.

Thai Palace
3262 J St
Food ** Atmosphere ***

A good friend of mine told me the Thai Palace was her favorite Thai place in town. Unfortunately, she failed to mention that the only other Thai place she had ever been to was Arby’s. Ok, Thai Palace isn’t that bad. The interior is pretty and the location is great, being within staggering distance from the Raven, but the food lacks a little something, and that something is meat. On my only trip to Thai Palace, we received three or four dishes, advertised as chicken, beef and shrimp dishes, that couldn’t have had less meat in them had they been vegetarian plates. The size of the dishes (small) compared with their price (forget about buying that new car) turned me off to the Thai Palace. With all the other options springing up around town, from Cambodian to Asian fusion to Vietnamese/Laotian/Latvian, it might be a waste of your time to check out the Thai Palace. I probably won’t be going back, especially since I just got a new car.

9 thoughts on “Three-Way Thai”

  1. Come and experience the finest in Thai cuisine at Roseville’s newest Thai restaurant, Ruen Thai. Located at 1470 Eureka Road
    (774-1499), Ruen Thai is serving wonderful, authentic Thai cuisine for lunch and dinner, Monday- Sunday from 11am to 9 pm.

    please check it out. thanks


  2. Patrons should not be fooled by the outside appearance of the THAI COTTAGE at 2632 Fulton Avenue as the inside is tastfully decorated in the Thai theme. We went there in the evening and enjoyed the atmosphere, tasty food and attentive service. We sat in a booth facing the garden. There was a rose in a vase and a candle burning at our table. We savored the delicious flavors of the food and appreciated the prompt and courteous service.


  3. On a business trip to the Roseville area I had the pleasure of eating at Ruen Thai. Located at 1470 Eureka Road

    Ruen Thai is quite clean with a warm and welcoming decor. The host and staff were delightful serving us. The food was great! I will be adding this to every future business trip in the Roseville area. This was my first Thai cuisine and I thought the food was great! The price was also reasonable.

    I recommend it for lunch or dinner.


  4. I must also cast my vote for the Ruen Thai restaurant in Roseville. The Sac Rag can break its ‘3-way Thai’ with this tasty entry! Fresh ingredients and excellent menu options make for a unique lunch or dinner experience. Once you’ve sampled their dishes you will crave their food again and again.


  5. ATTENTION RUEN THAI: i’m sure it’s a good restaurant, but our hands are thai’d by the rules of ‘netiquette. Three comments from the same IP from 3 different names is spam, even if it’s served with a delicious peanut-infused sauce. You’re banned, sucka.


  6. Well, they are boasting their own restaurant, but I’ve heard from 3 separate people who have eaten here that they have excellent food – so their boasting is not just hype 🙂

    I’ve heard their Tom Kar Gai is excellent and I am actually going to get it from there today for lunch!


  7. i always thought spam was more of a hawaiin thing? whatever… everything tastes good in coconut milk.


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