IKEA made EZ

With an upcoming cocktail party, I needed to get my hands on some fun napkins, candles, and other festive accoutrements. Having been a past IKEA customer, I knew they’d meet my needs, but I was sore afraid of the throngs of people.

Braving the elements, I pointed myself toward West Sac and was in and out of IKEA within an hour – heavily laden with giant bags of party wares, and not having spent too much money.

Here’s how you can have an easy IKEA experience, especially if you’re going in primarily for their Marketplace items:

1. Instead of taking I-80 to the Reed Avenue exit, stay on Biz 80/50 (that stretch just past the W-X) and exit at Harbor Blvd. Turn right, then turn left on Reed Avenue (a few lights up.)

2. Rather than going in the main IKEA entrance, turn left onto the street that’s across from the KOVR studio (blue set be damned!) — I think it’s Riverpoint — it’s just past some office buildings. Follow this street to the east end of the IKEA parking lot. Park, and you’ll walk a straight line to the front door.

3. Do not go up the elevator and into the showroom maze. Stay downstairs, and head to the Marketplace to select your wares.

4. Use the self-checkout line.

5. Exit; turn right, and go straight to your car.

5 thoughts on “IKEA made EZ”

  1. It’s actually the reception the night after our upcoming nuptials (yes, there is a future Mr(Non)RunnerBoy to go along with runnergirl.) Watch the rag in April for my write-up on how to plan a snarky wedding.


  2. Good calls, Runnergirl. The family made its way there last night and your tips came in handy.

    If you choose to eat there and have kids, I’d pass on the macaroni and cheese. Stick to the meatballs. Sweden is NOT known for their mac n’ cheese, let’s just say that.


  3. I know Ikea is old news but I had such a horrible experience on Saturday I thought I’d share. Mr. Plumwin and I picked out some floor to ceiling bookcases with glass doors and needed to have them delivered. First we tried to call the store and order them. No dice. We had to go in to place the order. We traveled to Ikea and discovered that to have delivery you have to load all the boxes on a cart, wait in line to pay, and then bring them to the delivery counter. An hour later we were there. We filled out all the paperwork for delivery and the last piece was a waver stating that while the glass was in good condition now (checked by all of us), if they arrived out our house broken they wouldn’t replace them. What? So we’re out $800 if you break them delivering them to our house? I decided that was ridiculous and walked my receipt over to the returns and got my money back. No one questioned why I was returning something I bought 10 minutes beforehand. We did speak to a manager who basically told us that they have so much business they can use this practice and weren’t worried that they lost our sale.


  4. It’s referred to as “tyranny of the popular.” It’s the same phenomenon that allowed Krispy Kreme…wait a minute, what ever happened to Krisy Kreme? Hmmmmm…


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