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To the guy ranting and raving on outbound bus 34 at 6:45 last night, just an FYI: to use public transit you have to go to a designated transit stop and wait for it to come to you more or less on schedule. That’s how it works. Apparantly this dude felt differently, because he chased the bus to a stop only after attempting to flag it down at a random point. When he finally got on he proceeded to scream at the driver for about 5 stops about how he couldn’t believe she didn’t stop the bus mid-road at his beck and call. It’s not a cab, dude. It’s the bus. He then progressed to screaming generally, “I CAN’T BE IN THE SUN! I CAN’T BE IN THE SUN!” Understood. The heat is making me crazy too. May I suggest a hat or some SPF. Or perhaps private transport. Lastly, he resorted to screaming over and over, “You are a jerk!” Kudos for refraining from outright vulgarity. Nevertheless, sir, have you considered that perhaps it is you who is the jerk? P.S. to the couple making out in the seat next to me, RIGHT AWN! That was better than free cable.

6 thoughts on “Public Transit Tip”

  1. Seriously guys, this comment posting issue needs to be resolved.

    On another note: scrupper, that was the most terrible video I’ve seen in months. I love how people get ahold of a MiniDV camera and adobe premiere and call themselves videographers. MMM MMM tacky!

    God I’m negative. :/ (but this one hits a nerve cuz it’s my profession)


  2. kit: what comment posting issue? did you mean to post your comment 3 times, and the third time just didn’t take?

    i kid the kit. clearly the mt-comments.cgi file is bombing out or whatever, but since your first comment went through the problem is on your end.


  3. From my perspective, I rather enjoy ranting passengers. If it were not for the 10-12 semi-literate, mostly psychotic and gratuitously foul mouthed asshats I pick up everyday driving a bus would be boring.

    And no, you can’t have a free pass.


  4. Kit, about the whole comment posting thing, my computer always says there’s an error too, but I learned quickly that the comment usually does post the first time. If it doesn’t post, I take that as a sign that what I wrote that time was more lame than what I ordinarily do, and it wasn’t meant for public view, like some sort of divine intervention on the sacrag.


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