What happened to the fill-er-up?

Is it just me, or did they take away the “fill-up” at the gas station? I distinctly remember at one point in time being able to hand my card over to the attendant and say “fill-up on #3,” return and get my card and sign the thing. For whatever reason, I now am expected to tell the attendant how much gas I wish to purchase up front. I have been told that the system requires it.

Is it for my convenience? Judging by the overall surliness of your average gas station attendant of either sex, that is highly unlikely. Is it an anti-fraud measure? Can I tell him I want $300 worth of gas and then complain when he doesn’t have a giant container for me to take the other $250 worth home with me? I suppose that’s just it–it’s probably an anti-fraud measure preventing me from “acquiring” somebody else’s card and pumping $8000 worth of supreme into my friends various tricked out whips.

If that’s the case, is anybody else annoyed by it enough to complain anyway?

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2 thoughts on “What happened to the fill-er-up?”

  1. Depending on the credit card you have and how much you still owe the card companies “pre-authorize” maybe $75.00 when you swipe your card because they don’t know how much the fill up will total. If you are young and have a very low limit to your card you might not even be able to pre-authorize the amount. Heck, if you’re an old timer and owe the card company almost as much as your high credit you may not be authorized and receive a “decline.” Now that the oil companies have us thinking $2.99 a gallon is a bargain (we were thinking $1.99 not that long ago) it’s fun to look at the pump after the Hummer drives away and see what his gas cost.


  2. thanks Glenn! i think that’s a different issue though… i have noticed also that the pump usually shuts off at a certain amount (usually $75, which didn’t used to be a full tank for a big auto!).

    i’m talking about going in to the attendant, say if the pump-side card machine is broken. next time that happens hand them your card and say “fill up on #3,” just like we used to. they look at you like you just asked [ fill in favorite answer from below ]
    1. where the Betas section is
    2. if they sell 78s
    3. for some Hellman’s on your Big Boy and for them to deliver it to your Studebaker
    4. whether your horse-driven cart is allowed on the Appian Way or does it have to be slave-propelled


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