Like You Need Another Sushi Recommendation

There’s this place on the corner of Alta Arden and Fulton. It’s been there for many years. You’ve passed it a dozen times in your life, to and from Arden Fair, or when your mom would drag you to Gemco. You remember Gemco, you in your corduroy jumper and bowl haircut trying to convince your mother that you really really needed that new He-Man with the spring loaded sword arm.

Anyway, there’s this sushi place there. In my childlike memory, this sushi place has been there since the dawn of time, but that can’t be correct. Suffice it to say that this place opened well before the latest sushi craze exploded on our unsuspecting palates. The place is called Katana, and my first meal there was wonderful.

First thing you notice upon stepping inside is that, like an optical illusion, the interior appears much larger when you’re inside, then when you’re looking in from the outside. The general atmosphere is somewhere between a large barbeque emporium and a school multi-purpose room. Don’t let the strange room fool you, though. The food is great.

We had a roll called a Green Sherri, which was something stuffed with something topped with razor thin slices of avocado. It was delightful as were all the rolls we tried. The service was friendly and accommodating. Also, all the sushi rolls were organized by price on the menu, which was an interesting and rather effective way of presenting them. All in all, a rewarding trip for sushi. So, next time you want to go check out the sales at Gemco, make sure to stop in at Katana, grab some Japanese delights and listen to your voice echo in the ridiculously large room.

Fulton and Alta Arden, Sacramento
Food **** Service *** Atmosphere **

3 thoughts on “Like You Need Another Sushi Recommendation”

  1. On such strong recommendation I’ll have to try it again. I’ve been there exactly once — and it was just about the worst Japanese food I’d ever had. Rice was greasy, fish was old.

    Guess every restaurant can have an off night. I’ll give them another chance.


  2. Its a nice place for decent sushi. I always order the “B-52” roll which is kind of pricey at $13, but its HUGE. At least shared between 2 people. It has cream cheese, cucumber, tempura, maguro, avocado…its diameter is probably as big as a baby’s fist as odd of a comparision. 😛


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