More local nostalgia on KVIE

Via Heckasac, a heads’ up from musician/producer J Greenberg:

Wednesday at 7pm, KVIE will air a program that I produced, and that I’m very proud of. If you have an interest in Sacramento History– particularly the strange stuff that doesn’t make it into the history books — then I hope you’ll tune in to Channel 6 for HIDDEN HISTORY…

In this program, hosted by comedian Jack Gallagher, we visit sites like the Old City Cemetery and the Sacramento Archives to unearth strange tales of Sacramento history. Things like…an airship hovering over the Capitol dome seven years before the Wright Brothers made their famous flight. Or an amateur filmmakers’ club that saved the American River Parkway…

Sounds fun!

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

2 thoughts on “More local nostalgia on KVIE”

  1. Watched the show last night. Very entertaining. Although I feel like voting for illegally structured and poorly written measures now for some reason…


  2. Thanks for the plug (which I didn’t see until today)! And thanks, RonTopofIt, for the kind words. We hope to do more of these programs in the future, focusing on quirky and little-known tidbits of Sacramento history. (This one repeats Sunday at 6pm in case anyone missed it…)


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