Totugas, Not Just Turtle Soup Anymore

I have just had my first experience at Totugas, the Ernesto’s owned sandwich shop on 18th and Capitol, next door to Zocalo. It is, in one word, “Tortastic.” The slow simmered pork and dense breads turned lunch time into food coma time and the mesmerizing Animal Planet gorilla special showing on the giant flatscreen only made the day more enjoyable.
Downside: only place to sit inside is on a series of tiny stools that belly up to a narrow, wall-mounted bar.
Upside: Gut-warming food that is served until at least 2am, so a great choice for lunch or late-night.
18th and Capitol, Sacramento
Food**** Ambience* Service**

4 thoughts on “Totugas, Not Just Turtle Soup Anymore”

  1. Not bad in terms of price. My meal, including chips and a water was less than $8. Strange thing about the chips though, they were Lays, not tortilla.


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