Only in Sacramento…

Last week two very incredible things happened to me, and they both I think have everything to do with life here in Sacto. First of all, we found out that one of my daughter’s preschool classmates lives in the house I grew up in. Her parents actually bought it from my parents about 4 years ago, and now she is one of 24 or so kids in my daughter’s class.

The second one is I think even weirder. Two years ago, my wife and I sold a car she’d had since college, a blue Volvo station wagon. Now, that is a make, model and color that you encounter quite often, and when you do you always give a glance to see if it is your car, which of course it never is. Until Friday, when we encountered our old wagon in traffic at Watt & El Camino. We had sold it to Carmax in Roseville, so it could have ended up anywhere. To have it end up back in town, and then to actually have it drive past us, and to have it happen in the same week we discover this connection to the new owners of the house I lived in for 25 years?

[Insert joke about Campbell Scott here…]

Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on “Only in Sacramento…”

  1. Sacramento is good for weird coincidences and meetings like that. Back in the 70s, my parents traded in one Datsun for another one. A few years after we got the new one, I saw the old one parked maybe six blocks away from our place. Same plates and everything (I had a memory for license plates when I was a kid).


  2. good call runnergirl. we don’t know who currently lives in our old apartment, so whoever lives there is the odds-on favorite to cross paths with the CoolDMZs…


  3. Since things like this usually happen in 3’s, should we start making bets for what the next Celestine Prophecy-like moment might be?


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