Yo mamma walks into a bar

News10.com reports that a local elementary school principal has banned the telling of “yo mamma” jokes on campus.

We see good kids just sitting there going back and forth with each other and I’m like what are you doing? Oh, we saw it on TV and were just doing ‘Yo Momma’ jokes, don’t worry about it.

And he was like, “what are you doing?” and they were like, “nothing, just telling jokes” and he was like “oh, no you’re not” and they were like…

When the kids get in trouble, when the kids get in fights and the cyber-bullying starts and they tell me specifically that they were doing ‘yo momma’ jokes, then yes it changes their behavior…

Cyber-bullying? At any rate, I’m not sure what to think of this. Will a ban on certain types of jokes really control behavior? I can just see this spawning a new line of jokes whereby the kids find a loophole in the rules and get there digs in. Maybe something like “Yo Daddy” or “Yo Cousin”.

Yo cousin so stupid it takes her two hours to watch 60 minutes

Doesn’t quite have the ring to it, I know, but stick with it kids, it’ll catch on.

This reminds me…I’ve been meaning to bring back, “that’s what she said”. Who is with me?

Author: RonTopofIt

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11 thoughts on “Yo mamma walks into a bar”

  1. RTOI said: This reminds me…I’ve been meaning to bring back, “that’s what she said”. Who is with me?

    BRING BACK? I know some people who still do that. They’re also the same ones who use the “..or are you just happy to see me?” line and just about every other overdone “joke” out there. They also still quote the Church Lady and Hans & Franz from SNL.


  2. I refer to those folks as having the “Having-fun-yet-hot-enough-for-you-not-if-I-see-you-first sense of humor.”


  3. Cyber bullying???? Whatever happened to sticks and stones. No wonder there are school shootings nowadays. There are no healthy outlest for pent up aggression.

    I think that they should set up a boxing ring so that people can air out their frustrations. It worked for Helo and Apollo.


  4. I think Michael Scott of “The Office” already beat you to punch as far as reviving the “that’s what she said” bit.


  5. Adamant, I am proud to say I caught your BSG reference.

    And on the subject of sci-fi, I’m a big pro-cyber-bullying advocate.

    What other kind of bullying lets the nerds bully the jocks?

    Honestly, have not the lot of you posting comments on this very blog been guilty of cyber-bullying your fellow sac-rag snarkers? In fact, could snark itself even be considered cyber-bullying!?


  6. while you’re looking at those Google ads, why not go ahead and click a couple. make us a few cents. the snark doesn’t pay for itself!


  7. Okay…I can help. If your having problems getting laughs with “thats what she said!” your probably dropping it at the follow through. Much like tennis or golf, 97% of success is the end of the stroke. So….try this…

    Thats what she said! (then…)
    C. FACE!

    Guaranteed success. I would know.


  8. PS: Sac-Eats/RunnerGirl:

    You forgot: “See you round like a donut”.
    “See you in the funnies”.
    and…a special holiday treat…
    “Lets pretend I’m Santa! Come sit in
    my lap and we’ll talk about the first
    thing that pops up…”


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