County’s new mapping tool goes live

Sac County rolled out a new online mapping application “that provides maps and information about services and facilities available to or near a specific property.” It’s called e-Map-It, and it’s available on their page of online services, which is actually a really nice list. As far as e-Map-It goes, it seems pretty useful. If you were looking at houses you could get all sorts of info on utilities and services. I suppose the main reason they can’t just rely on a Google maps for all the map info is because this particular one is tied to parcel number and overlaying parcel number data on GMap would probably be as time consuming as building and deploying a .NET application.

UPDATE: Thanks to Bill G. pointing out that the tool doesn’t even support Firefox, I can take back my wishy-washy approval and give this thing a big fat thumbs down.

Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on “County’s new mapping tool goes live”

  1. you people are redicuous, you are always pulling people in like you have something to offer. i’m looking for crime in my are “garden valley” ca 95633. you’re a scam, a prpoganda tool. look to the left at your list of crimes. you should hang your heads in shame. what ever happen to REAL NEWS and not silly Ha-ha games and lets make people laugh. what ever happen to journalism and help full news. what ever happen to truth and the hard news.


  2. I gotta agree- the Bee just isn’t the same since they started printing their own whole section dedicated to “Lame Observation” and then attaching the business section to it.


  3. In the interest of clarification, the County map tool can be found here and here as text based. As CoolDMZ said originally, it’s pretty nifty with interesting facts about properties. I found categories such as PROPERTY INFORMATION, DISTRICT INFORMATION, TRASH PICKUP, POLITICAL INFORMATION, and SEWER INFORMATION.

    I wonder if Cheri is searching for Crime Mapping tools? She is right that Garden Valley is not thoroughly represented for El Dorado County. I did find this site though. Not very helpful.


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