Sushi Roundup: Part Ni (two)

mmmmm, sushiIt’s been a while since we took on the topic of sushi here on the ‘rag.  Our first round of reviews garnered more than their share of comments, and one particular standout was highlighted for its complete inadequacy.  Much like the oceans from where we find our tasty swimming friends, the tides of sushi consumption are changing.  Here’s your update:

Sushi Ya

When I think “sushi,” I think about a storefront wedged between a Hawaiian BBQ joint and a UPS store.  Apparently, so do the owners of Sushi Ya.  Located on the rather non-tranquil El Camino Ave, Sushi Ya does what it can to rise above its location in a non-descript strip mall by offering truly fine sushi.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not some Japanese oasis in the middle of a Wal Mart parking lot (literally, it’s in a Wal Mart parking lot) but rather a casual environment with better than average sushi.  Sushi chef/owner “Sam” does a brisk local business of regulars and curious pop-ins, greeting all comers with an infectious smile and moderately unintelligible string of comments that forces one to nod and smile a lot.  Go for the sushi, not the atmosphere.

Sushi Ya-3308 El Camino Ave, Sacramento

Food*** Atmosphere* Service***

Taro’s by Mikuni

Having a restaurant location in the middle of a mall might be a turnoff to some diners.  Some of those diners might be me.  I’m not always willing to fight crowds, parking congestion and high teeny-bopper concentrations, but some of the more creative rolls at Taro’s almost make the trip worth it.  The salads are inventive and refreshing, the modified nigiri are fun dishes that feature simplicity and flavor over sauces and “crunchies,” and some of the rolls are inventive and delicious.  The real standout is the “Ceviche Roll,” a take on the classic Latin American dish with Japanese flair.  It’s wonderfully delicious, with fresh, clean and surprising flavors.

Taro’s- 1735 Arden Way, Sacramento (Arden Fair Mall, Market Square)

Food*** Atmosphere ** Service ***

Zen Sushi

I could spend about a page an a half trying to give you the lineage of Zen Sushi, how it used to be Zen Toro, but was taken over by Taka’s which itself no longer involved Taka, but was a buyout, and how Taka is trying to open a new location, etc. etc.  The whole thing makes the succession of Hapsburg monarchs to the Austro-Hungarian throne seem linear and well-ordered.  Let me just say this, Zen Sushi is not Zen Toro.  It lacks the somewhat subdued atmosphere, the unique recipes and the exceedingly long wait times.  Basically, the food is pretty much the same as it was over at Taka’s last year (see Taka’s), so there are no real surprises.  Zen Toro, we hardly knew ye.

Zen Sushi-900 15th St, Sacramento

Food*** Atmosphere*** Service****

Moshi Moshi

I’ll let my friend Garrett give you the lowdown on this place for all you folks that live in Davis.

Moshi Moshi- 2120 Cowell Blvd, Ste 143, Davis, CA


Wonderful sushi, mildly overpriced, but usually worth it.  Miyagi is located in Lyon Village on Munroe and Fair Oaks, so be warned that if you show up around happy hour, you’ll be inundated with realtors getting off work.

Miyagi-2580 Fair Oaks Blvd, #26, Sacramento

Food**** Atmosphere*** Service****


Elegant, serene, absolutely delicious, unyielding in quality, mildly hermaphroditic waitstaff.  Kru is what you’ve been looking for.

Kru-2516 J St, Sacramento

Food**** Atmosphere**** Service****

2 thoughts on “Sushi Roundup: Part Ni (two)”

  1. Thanks for the reviews! I live for sushi, and I’m making an attempt to try something new every week. I’ve been to Miyagi before and I’d have to agree with your ratings.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, try out Tex Wasabi’s…they’ve got some pretty interesting and innovative rolls, mixing bbq, tortilla, among other things. I’ve heard some good things about DragonFly on Capitol too. But if you’re really on a budget, Arigato’s Sushi is a good spot–50% off sushi rolls all day (dine in and take-out). Can’t get better than that!


  2. I give Sushi Ya better on atmosphere – inside – than you do. It is nice place once you step in from big lot parking corner. Very welcoming, and good service, patient with young ones too.
    Good screen for King’s games too.
    Food is high quality, fairly priced, but although several pages of good recipes of rolls, not quite as good as Mikuni’s rolls. But, easier/faster at Sushi Ya’s and you can add items as you go. Sam will make you anything you want.
    There used to be a good place on Howe down from Arden, but they suddenly closed up.
    Miyagi’s is not as good as SushiYa. very mediocre and higher priced.
    Mikuni’s is great food (Incredible roll the best there), but too busy if you have a baby sitter, or bringing along little ones that need to sit down before an hour plus…
    Nishiki Sushi – 1501 16th St # 111, (916) 446-3629 – still best all around sushi in reasonable time and price with atmosphere. On a few rare occassions though the staff has been distracted, but sushi bar is great always. Kings games of course too. Good quality and inventive but not as pricy as Mikuni’s and definitely faster. This is where we go when we have time to go downtown.
    It is all pretty good though! We are pretty lucky.


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