Google’s free SMS service is for real

I’m always about 6 months to 18 years late to the technology game. As such I am just now getting my cellular phone hooked up with SMS (Short Messaging Service), or “texting” as the kids like to call it. And while I am still fumbling about with my opposable thumbs and my text messaging shorthand (AAMOF, I’m a total NUB…or something), I have come across a free service from Google that is quite handy.

Google SMS allows you to text a search query to 466453(“GOOGLE” on most devices) and your results will be sent back to you in a matter of seconds. It’s really quite nifty. The site offers up a cheat sheet of search terms you can use (Local weather, restaurants, flight updates, movie times, calculator, and even conversions) and the whole thing is free (you know, you have to have the text messaging service from your cellular provider, of course).

So the next time you are out and about and need some quick directions or a movie time close to you, give it a shot. Now, if they just made cell phones that could take pictures I’d be all set!

Author: RonTopofIt

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8 thoughts on “Google’s free SMS service is for real”

  1. If they’d just make a cell phone that my mom could figure out how to use, that would make me verrry happy.


  2. Seriously, out shopping for my impending nuptials today I used this about 6 times instead of 411. Way super cool.


  3. Wow, we’re getting snarky comments from across the pond now.

    Bloody swell of you to drop by! However, we tend not to think of the effects of anything beyond the 916 area code (which is an area about the size of Northaptonshiretonshireburgshire).


  4. Google now offers a free 411 service via an 800 number.

    Be sure to watch the YouTube video as it provides more information on the service along with handy tips to incorporate SMS and Internet enabled phones.


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