This is What Lame-Ass Editorials Look Like.

May I turn your attention to the latest anti-war protest coverage from SN&R. This is the kind of thing that makes me feel SN&R is often just a half-step up from a zine I got from some kid at the show my mom didn’t know I went to. Oh wait, it’s 2007 and I’m in my 30’s? Never mind. Anyway it’s kind of a non-story, but the only people who showed up at a recent anti-war protest were old hippies romanticizing the 60’s, and the effect was neither as far out nor as radical as hoped for. Some but not all obvious conclusions include a) lots of people who oppose the war recognize the issue is a lot more complex than a bumpersticker can address or b) lots of people support the U.S. action in Iraq or c) anti-war protest groups need some help in the organizational department.  I’d be interested in hearing a report about these or any other curious aspects of the paltry attendance at an anti-war rally held in state portrayed as being wildly opposed to the war.  Instead SN&R chose the approach of assuming that there exists a massive body of folks who believe violence has suddenly been popping up in the Middle East with no genesis but “U.S. Policy” but we don’t see them at protests because the great spirit of passionate outrage and protesting has been suppressed by evil oil companies and corporate-backed politicians or the Patriot Act or something like that. I’m bored of my own post just thinking about this type of cliched analysis of the political landscape.  The end.

8 thoughts on “This is What Lame-Ass Editorials Look Like.”

  1. and i thought Bugaboo’s f-bomb was going to be the gutsiest f-bomb today.

    what is ironic about calling low turnout at a public event “democracy”?


  2. My favorite part is how the job to “cover a peace rally” as a story for the SN&R had to end up being changed into an editorial because what Jamie O’Neill thinks SHOULD have been discussed and who SHOULD have been there didn’t actually happen.

    But thank goodness for all those 200 old hippies with nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon who showed up. Without them Mr. O’Neill would have had nothing to report- oh wait, there was no real reporting done anyways- just a spattering of names of attenders admist O’Neill’s own rhetoric.

    I guess when you got to sell lines of text for money, you put whatever lines of text down you can.

    Maybe Mr. O’Neill will have more success reporting on the next peace rally if he organizes it- clearly he had more of a bee in his bonnet about the matter than the attendees.


  3. Wow. Well written!

    I’m one of those ex-hippies who is now older..but I didn’t know about the protest. I am thinking they need better organization.

    I wouldn’t have gone. I hate the war but love the soldiers. I’d feel horrible to see them treated like others were after returning from Vietnam. I find other ways to protest.


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