Weekend events: Museum Day, Harpeth Trace @ The Firehouse

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Two free events coming up this weekend that I wanted to make sure to mention. First of all, don’t forget Saturday is Museum Day. Free admission to 25 local museums from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Forecast calls for rain at least part of the day on Saturday, possibly in the afternoon, so maybe an after-lunch trip to the train museum will be just what the Dr. ordered for your weekend.

Second, if you haven’t consumed too much Miller Lite and Nachos watching the Super Bowl, an old friend’s LA-based band, The Harpeth Trace, is playing an all-ages show at The Firehouse in Davis on Sunday at 8 p.m. with local acoustic/singer-songwriter band Be Brave Bold Robot. The Harpeth Trace plays vintagey dream-pop; think The Clientele. Come out and catch some intriguing local and visiting bands at a new space (seriously, I can’t even find out where the Firehouse is except “near the music building”) and maybe catch a rare public sighting of yours truly.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend events: Museum Day, Harpeth Trace @ The Firehouse”

  1. Photos of Tom Brady, combined with mentions of Elieen Javora’s boobs, are search engine gold. Not to mention a few hot issues like free Viagra, how to make you own meth, how to make free calls on your iPod, is Brittney really crazy, and Lohan’s gential warts. Now stop with the dirty jello-y brains, and get over to the Museum!


  2. I appreciate that the Bee put the Museum Day events on the front of the Ticket section today. I guess their only other option was to splash up some glossy still of Tony Parker’s wife in order to pimp her new, and apparently fatuous, new film.
    Way to go Bee, good choice.


  3. Which museum has the exhibit on Lindsay Lohan’s genital warts? The Bee forgot to provide that information.


  4. I went on a tour of the Governor’s Mansion. The first time that I saw the mansion, I paid for the tour. The docents told stories about the politicians and their families. One story was that one of Governor Brown’s children threw water balloons out of a window on Halloween.

    When I went on the free tour last time, there was a guided tour only of the first floor. Today, people could see the first and second floors, but there weren’t any docents telling stories. Everyone got to spend seven minutes in the carriage house/gift shop; seven minutes in the living room area; seven minutes upstairs and seven minutes in the kitchen.

    The foyer had doors leading to the living room area hallway that could be closed. The pantry was small but had a lot of storage space.


  5. Also, the Governor’s Mansion has a formal dining room and an informal dining room. There are steam radiators in the bedrooms.


  6. Not even we could find the elusive Firehouse without phoning the campus police. Top secret, indeed, Don Z.


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