9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Radio Matt”

  1. Two words: Cement Mixer!

    (Which, according to Runnergirl, should actually be a “concrete mixer” but I’m not going to go into semantics on such a joyous day)


  2. Actually “cement mixer” is correct terminology since you’re mixing the cement with aggregate material and water to form concrete. The finished product (what you’d use for sidewalks, foundations, bridges, etc.) is concrete.

    The “cement mixer” drink that sac-eats references consists of taking a shot of lime juice and holding it in your mouth & a shot of Bailey’s, then you shake your head, and it coagulates. It’s pretty gross, but it’s a rite of passage.

    Happy Birthday, Radio Matthew! Such a pup!


  3. FYI, for anyone who wants to geek out on terminology with me, the next time you hear someone reference something as being made of “cement” you can ask them, “Really? It’s made out of a grayish powder?”

    Yes, I’m a lot of fun at parties.


  4. Happy Birthday, Radio Matthew!

    Remember, just because you’re old enough to drink, doesn’t mean that you “should” drink.


  5. Most bars would still give you a pass, and free drinks today, provided you show your official “I’m a Media Geek Card” and explain about the elections.

    As an old broad (I turned 21 in 1978 when Gerald Ford was President and so I think I get extra points for surviving Brain Death in The White House), I have one drink suggestion: Upside Down Margaritas! If you need an explanation, ask someone over age 40.

    (I had a few en route to Aspen on a Greyhound Bus going over the Rockies, skidding into each curve, with a driver named Crazy Larry, with the CSUS Ski Club. An unforgettable experience. I think I puked about an hour later….)


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