Two unlikely heroes

Okay, yes, blogging. Here we go. A couple of items in today’s Bee today that caught my eye (does anybody else love Fred Armisen’s “political comedian” character on SNL?)… First is Jeannette Barrett of Placerville, who is highlighted in a piece about public assistance and social services for people caring for children of relatives. In Barrett’s case, she is living in the house she planned to be her retirement castle with 5 great-nieces and nephews (I have always wondered why there is not a word like “sibling” or “spouse” to refer to nieces and nephews).

“I’m having the time of my life,” she said. “It’s filled my life.”

Not to get all maudlin on you this morning but I think Jeannette Barrett deserves a big right awn. More and more kids are being raised by grandparents and aunts and uncles (that’s another one, there is no term for that, is there?). Younger people get dumber and dumber while older folks stay classy. It’s a sad thing but here is Jeannette Barrett shouldering a huge responsibility for these kids. Right awn.

Jim CrandellAnd then on a lighter note there was Sam McManis’s profile of Fox40 sportscaster Jim Crandell. I am a big fan of Crandell’s style since local sportscasting went in the toilet a few years ago, when the ratings battle between KCRA News10 and CBS13 kicked into high gear. Not to insult the fine folks at Fox40 but you get the feeling Fox40 knows it is never going to be at that level and they don’t bother trying. CW31 has the tie in with CBS now, so they can pretend to be in that upper echelon. But the budgets, the graphics, and everything about a Fox40 newscast screams 1998. That’s not a bad thing for Crandell though, who dishes sports straight up, part of a dying breed.

Tom Ziller of (and one-time Sac Rag correspondent) is quoted in the piece and has some great comments about the state of local sports coverage.

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8 thoughts on “Two unlikely heroes”

  1. yes, all of us nerds are in mourning today. Copies of the 1st Edition AD&D books were regular contents of my backpack from sixth grade through college, even during those dark days of the early 1980s when they were officially considered contraband.


  2. The word you are looking for is “relatives.” I’m looking for the word that means “not ripe” (as in fruit) if anyone knows…

    As for assistance and social services for people caring for children of relatives… What- the joy of caring for your own kin (there’s another word) isn’t enough? Now you want to get paid for it? Greedy SOBs. Why not make the person who HAD the kid in the FIRST PLACE pay for it? Why should Joe/Jane taxpayer have to front another bill for yet another little mouth?

    And how about a little assistance down here for all the people doing the right thing, and trying to raise their OWN KIDS? A sympathetic plight does not a social goal make or social policy justify, when that plight is rooted in a BEHAVIOR.


  3. Parents whose children are in foster care do have to pay back into the system- if they are employed. Granted the garnished wages generally do not compensate for the cost of foster care, Medi-Cal and social workers, but the policy is in place. I am currently adopting the child of my adopted sister. Don’t kid yourself about all the assistance and programs. They are not nearly enough for the issues that these children are burdened with.


  4. TS…

    “My *relatives* and I all have the same grandfather.”

    Eww! You, your baby, your mom and your second cousin all have the same grandfather?

    The word you are looking for is “not ripe”


  5. The plural for nieces and nephews are “niblings” like siblings, but instead niblings. Look it up 😀


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