Midtown featured in AAA mag

midtown vanishing pointHeckasac beat me to posting about the article in Via magazine about midtown. The Via article is here. I think it is interesting that one main focus of the article is on Sacto as a “walking town” and for using the phrase “ground-beef triangle” to refer to the as-yet unlabeled area bordered by Ford’s, Willie’s, and Suzie’s. I normally recuse myself from burger discussions, I guess because I am too much of a fan to be objective. I likes em all. Does it have meat between buns? Give it over.

However I did want to create a map of the new Ground Beef Triangle, so here it is.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

8 thoughts on “Midtown featured in AAA mag”

  1. My friend Edwin refers to the section between the Zebra Club, the Monte Carlo and the Townhouse as The Herpes Triangle.


  2. Funny, that was what my sister called the area at Watt and Hurley that used to house Friday’s, El Torito and Chevy’s (nee Tequilla Willie’s).


  3. Your sister is right. Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember that triangle. And Tequila Willies. I seem to remember one of those dentist chair hook-ups where they pour the booze right down your throat. Please tell me that the Monte Carlo, the Townhouse, and the Zebra are not active pick-up joints.


  4. The name was also given to the area in Citrus Heights that used to house Bentley’s, Bobby McGee’s, and El Torito.

    If you included the multitude of places that were in the free-standing building in the Sunrise Mall parking lot (Denim & Diamonds, Baxter’s, Bait Shack Cantina — or was that on Arden? There was a similarly named joint on Sunrise), it was more of a rhombus instead of a triangle.


  5. Leave it to AAA to write an article about Midtown and never once mention the word “gay”… wouldn’t want to frighten away all the suburban tourists from visiting Sacramento.


  6. I guess ya’ll missed the article about Sacramento in last months AARP? They used the word “gay” a lot.


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